Burmese marble single-blade segment

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As early as 2018, this Myanmar customer came to us, by understanding that this customer currently has a marble mine. As mining, the use of the simplest blasting mining, through blasting, stone scattered under the mountains, by selecting a more complete block, simple squaring, and then formed a different size of blocks when the customer is not involved in processing blocks, but simply do blocks trade.
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At the end of 2019, the customer found that the slab has more market than blocks, so they purchased two bridge cutting machines. When ready to process the stone, this time, contact LinXing, ready to use LinXing’s 1200mm single blade segment. Because the customer stacked a large amount of blocks at that time, in order to provide a more suitable for the customer's segment products, we decided to design a customized product for him, to determine the stone composition is the first step in the design of the segment, through inspection, we got the stone report, specific understanding of the stone Mohs hardness, abrasiveness, anti-bending, toughness and other factors, segment design part of the formulation design, in order to ensure cutting speed, the company in the initial, high-sharpness, high-life design. Soon, such a batch of 4 sets of segment products were designed and produced as test samples, air cargo delivers to him.

After 20 days, the customer in Myanmar began to feedback that the sharpness of the segment is good, high efficiency, but the life is short. Necessary to improve the life of the segment, but try not to increase the unit price of the segment.

For the test results, Lin Xing company's segment design department is prepared, how to improve life is currently facing the biggest problem, because the customer requires unit price same as before, how to ensure efficiency but improve life to become the next design goal, considering the customer's marble material hardness is not high, the design department to consider appropriate reduction of sharpness should also be able to achieve high sharpness effect. So, the initial design of the M-shaped segment into Z-shaped, improve the hardness of the binder, and increase the diamond concentration, the compromise is to make a non-working layer in the middle of the segment, saving costs.

The second test of the segment is as so designed and produced as well, 4 sets of segments quickly arrived in Myanmar, the customer in the use of a single saw problems. More than a month later, the customer gave a second formula test report, the sharpness of the segment decreased, life increased significantly, the need to further adjust the tool processing efficiency, maintain life, the same price not change.

The third formulation adjustment process required more care, and finally we decided to improve the granularity and hardness of the diamond powder at the segment and adjust the concentration of the diamond content of the segment. With such targeted provisioning, the third test was approved by customers in the summer of 2020.
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This time Myanmar marble single-blade segment is in LinXing and manufacturers under the constant patient testing and adjustment of the results of continuous improvement, but also diamond segment this non-standard product is the greatest charm, because instability, uncertainty are constraints on the development of the segment factors, but it is also these constraints, so that good manufacturers, such as Lin Xing diamond tools such as manufacturers can grow in the long term, survive, and no research and development capabilities of enterprises can only face closure and price reduction.