Congratulations to Linxing awarded the "Zhongnan Diamond Star"for 2020

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February, a month full of spring, and the next day isthe Chinese folk festival "Dragon Raises Its Head Day", also known asthe Spring Plowing Festival, which is the beginning of spring plowing and thebeginning of a year of work. Minister Chen of Zhongnan Diamond Co., Ltd. cameto Jiangxi Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. with a heavy certificate of honor.This golden certificate of honor witnessed Linxng's great achievements in 2020.
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2020 is destined to be an extraordinary year. In thisyear, the people of the whole country experienced the closure of the citycaused by the new crown virus. The economic development of the entire countryonce fell into a trough, but since the start of construction in mid-March, Linxinghas not only obtained good performance in sales, but also has optimizedpersonnel structure of the foreign tradeteam, the production process has been improved as well, and the diamond wiresaw project has been successfully put into production. In this year, Linxinghas experienced a lot of ups and downs and faced a lot of difficulties, but allbecause of this certificate of honor, Linxing's people got what they want,"What can't beat us will only make us stronger." Perhaps it is thiscourage that makes Linxing Constantly strong and constantly towards success.

With the expansion of production, the purchase of rawmaterials has also changed. This time Minister Chen brought not only thishonor, but also a deeper exchange of future cooperation between the twoparties. Linxing’s Chairman Mi and Minister Chen respectively Friendlycommunication and exchanges were conducted in various aspects such as corporatedevelopment, personnel construction, corporate publicity, and socialresponsibility. The two parties were full of confidence in the future planningand development of Linxing, and reached a consensus for more extensive andin-depth cooperation in the future."There will be times when the wind and wavesbreak, and the sails will be hung on the clouds to benefit the sea."Jiangxi Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. will continue to develop with the supportof people from all walks of life, the help of suppliers, and the trust ofcustomers from various countries and regions, and contribute its own strengthto the development of the diamond tool industry. For the goal of "becominga world-class diamond tool manufacturer", we will continue to innovate,forge ahead, and move forward with the spirit of "no regrets despitedeath".
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The pleasant meeting time is always so short. Mr. Miand Minister Chen bid farewell to each other in the light rain. The short partingis for a better reunion, and the friendship between Linxing and Zhongnan willalso last forever.