GuangXi Black-and-white Gen Mine Mining and Block Cutting

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Southwestern China is mostly mountainous, winding down from the XiZang Himalayas to YunNan and GuangXi. The mountains stretch, which contain a large number of marble mines. In China, I have to mention a kind of stone called GuangXi Black and White. Root, this kind of stone was mined in a large amount in the 90s, and the mineral source is rich, and its color is black background and white lines, just like the meteor lines in the black night sky, the artistic conception is extremely high, so it is widely used Stairs, wash basins, vanities, walls, etc.
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From the aspect of formation, black-and-white root marble is mainly composed of calcite, limestone, serpentine and dolomite. Its main component is calcium carbonate, accounting for more than 50%. Other components include magnesium carbonate, calcium oxide, and oxidation. Manganese and silica, etc. Because of the composition of black and white roots, the best way to mine at present is vertical mining with wire saws, and then horizontal mining with mining saws. No matter which mining method, it is applied to LINXING diamond segment and wire saw products. Let’s talk about it first. Talk about the mining of the black-and-white root mine.

The black-and-white root mines are concentrated in Guanyang GuangXi town. The mining areas are mainly flat mines and mountain foot mines. The mining is extremely convenient. This is one of the reasons why the black-and-white roots were mined very early. In the early stage of mining, wire saws are used to level the mines. Some mines also use chain-arm saws for mining. The main purpose is to flatten the protruding part of the mountain. In the process of flattening, the stones will also be continuously mined, but Because in the later stage of mining, the stone is prone to breakage during the process of pushing it with the capstone bag, which causes waste. When the top is pushed flat, the mine saw can be installed on the top of the mine. The mine saw cuts the mine vertically to form a neat cutting pattern on both sides as it moves forward. Then, adjust the track, let the circular saw rotate 90 degrees, and continue to complete the cutting. Finally, the mountain will be covered with square cutting lines. Finally, the wire saw is placed in the cutting gap for bottom cutting, so that a whole block is also Completely formed.

In the mining process, wire saw and diamond segment are both important mining tools. If the area of the black-and-white root mine is not large, it can be completed with a single wire saw. After the wire saw is mined, the mined blocks will be trimmed, and the stone will be cut into the same size for better transportation and storage.
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The mined blocks will be transported to the local stone to be processed. We will see a large saw blade with a diameter of 3000mm or a higher combination wire saw machine. Put the black and white root blocks into the machine to cut out large slabs. After that, the cut slabs will pass through an automatic grinder or a hand grinder to form a smooth black and white slab. In the whole processing process, segment and wire saw still play the role of cutting, and they are still the main materials for stone cutting. It also runs through every link of the entire stone from mining to application.

The segment of LINXING DIAMOND TOOLS has been widely used in GuangXi white and black Mine since its establishment in 2006. Recently, LINXING began to get involved in the mine wire saw project, and it is currently being tested well in GuangXi, paving the way for future large-scale applications.