Jiangxi Linxing Diamond Tools office building groundbreaking ceremony

Release date:2020-08-26 10:13:36Source:linxingChecks:

It wasn't a long time to lay the foundation, but everyone in the company waited a long time to prepare for this day. It took more than a year from the initial idea to the design plan and finally to the approval. In this year, all the Linxing people are eagerly looking forward to this, when the last sound of firecrackers, everything is calming down, this land will be full of comprehensive buildings  in the future days,  this moment on the scene of all the Linxing people cannot control themselves but tears, is excited, is a memory, hopeful.

As the fireworks burst and dissipate, there will be a display of Linxing diamond tools, stone samples from various countries in the world, and a huge honor wall will be built belonging to Linxing.

In the design plan, the first floor is for the office area and display area, while the second floor is for the conference room and activity room, the above which is for the staff dormitory and suites providing guest accommodation.

The water situation of Poyang Lake is not optimistic, and the official starting date is not certain, but we believe that the flood will eventually dissipate with the support of the government and the efforts of the people's army,, and on that day, the most beautiful note will be sounded in the factory area of Lin Xing.