Linxing Diamond Segment Product List

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Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is located in Poyang County, Jiangxi Province, in Tianban Street, not far from China's First Diamond Village. The unique geographical location and transportation, and the maturity of the diamond village industry chain have gradually created the solid quality of Linxing diamond segments . At present, Linxing Company has many diamond segment products. This article introduces these products to give everyone a general understanding of Linxing’s diamond segment product line.

Gang saw segment
Gang saw segments are mainly used for frame saws. At present, Linxing’s gang saws are mainly used in two common specifications, quadrilateral and trapezoidal. They are mainly used for processing soft granite, marble, limestone and other medium and soft stones. The frame saw adopts a reciprocating cutting mode. It supports the cutting of large-size plates, and has the characteristics of high precision, high efficiency, smooth cutting, flat plates, low noise and low loss. At present, Linxing gang saw segments are mostly used for cutting luxury stones, such as TV background walls, illuminating walls, hotel background walls, large stone walls in clubs and other high-end stone cutting.
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Linxing gang saw blades are equipped with high, middle and low-end stone cutting products, which can meet the needs of different customers for gang saw segments. Our company can also customize gang saw segments to provide customers with one-to-one design and production services.

Single blade segment
The single-blade saw is a cutting method used on the gantry large cutting machine and the single-chip combined cutting machine. The single-blade saw is mainly used for cutting special-shaped stones (monuments, carving materials, curb stones, etc.) or softer stones such as marble and limestone. Linxing single blade saw blade has the characteristics of high cutting efficiency, high stability, long life, stable cutting and low noise.

Lin Xing first adopted a design of high-height segment in the single-blade saw blade, so in the cutting life, it has a huge advantage over similar products. You should notice, the multi-layer design of the upper wider and the bottom narrow also makes the segments to focus on saving stone during the cutting process, which is more environmentally friendly.

Multiblade segments
The multiblade segments is a kind of segment used on a bridge combined cutting machine or a single-arm multi-slice cutting machine. The multiblade use multiple blades (divided into three kinds, the same size, two sizes of the same blade and multiple sizes of different blades), but no matter which one is, it is to save processing time, speed up processing efficiency, reduce labor costs, and reduce electricity bills. Linxing's multiblade segment can meet the requirements of any multi disk machinery, and can provide various multi-disk combined cutting segment solutions, providing more reasonable and more energy-saving processing solutions for stone factories.

Mining diamond segments
Mining diamond segment is actually a kind of circular saw blade used for mining, also known as mining saw blade, circular saw blade, used on the saw blade of circular saw,  by through the cutting way of forward and down of the circular saw, that makes it become  more reasonable and more economical quarrying way. At present, in China, Linxing is the largest manufacturer of mining segments and the most recognized quality product of mining segments. In particular, Lin Xing's original K-shaped segment has taken into account both efficiency and longevity in mining, and is well received by customers.

Sandstone diamond segments
Sandstone diamond segment is a kind of diamond segment product mainly used for various sandstone mining and block cutting. It is mainly used for circular saws and single blade saws.

Linxing's large mining segments are extremely competitive in India. They quickly occupy stone cutting markets with the advantages of favorable price, long life, sharp cutting, high flatness of the cutting slab, narrow cutting groove, saving stone, smooth cutting, and low noise. In particular, the large M-type sandstone segment created by the company has the characteristics of simple and rapid cutting, and has gradually become the representative of the sandstone segment in the Indian market.
diamond segment for sandstone cutting, sandstone cutting segment, stone cutting segments
The mid-diameter saw blade segment
The mid-diameter saw blade segment refers to the 300-600mm saw blade head. This part of the blade is mainly used for the saw blade for cutting tiles, mainly for the edge processing of stone. At present, Lin Xing's mid-diameter saw blade segment has been very rich, in appearance, R, W, M, TURBO, fish hook pieces, and other shapes of segments can meet the cutting of various materials such as stone, ceramic tiles, concrete, etc. The formula and design of the segments are becoming more and more reasonable. At present, it has a good reputation in China.