Linxing diamond segment order process

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When many new customers first met Linxing, they would encounter a lot of problems when ordering products, especially some customers with special specifications or requirements. When ordering products with the company, the communication time would be too long and the product ordering process would be different. In order to improve the situation, the company decided to clearly define the order process, especially for custom-made customers, to provide more convenient and efficient pre-sales services.
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Information and data that need to be provided before ordering Linxing diamond segment:

1: If you want to mine or process new varieties of stone, you need to provide the corresponding test report, which must include the product's Mohs hardness, abrasiveness data, if there is also volume density, water absorption, compression strength, impact strength, bending The performance and other data are better, so that the company can deploy diamond segment products that are more suitable for the current stone characteristics.

2: Provide mechanical specifications and processing videos. Before customizing the segment, we need to confirm the performance, stability and usage of the cutting machine. As the main cutting teeth, the saw blade must be used in conjunction with the machine during processing. The difference in the machine and the stability of the operation can determine the efficiency of segment processing.

3: Need to provide the size, specification and material of the saw blade substrate. The saw blade substrate will bend differently in the process of cutting the stone, especially the early alloy steel substrate saw blade, when the segment is not sharp , There will be a side knife when cutting. The size and thickness of the substrate can also determine the size and specifications of the segment used. The saw blade substrate with a diameter of 300mm is divided into 1.6mm, 1.8mm, and 2.0mm. Naturally, the segment thickness of these substrates has also changed.

4: The length of the base tooth of the saw blade. The segment welded on the base tooth is the most suitable (some stone factories deliberately shorten the segment in order to improve the efficiency of the segment to improve the sharpness). Generally speaking, it can be The segment is made into a single or two, and two segments are welded to a base tooth. It is becoming more and more popular, not only to increase efficiency, but also to make the segment height higher, so that the segment has a better life.

5: The segment gap of the medium-diameter saw blade also needs to be provided, such as U-shaped, narrow U-shaped, key hole type, seamless type and other changes. Among them, the cutting stability of the narrow U-shaped saw blade will be improved, while the keyhole segment The sharpness of the saw blade will be improved, and the seamless saw blade is more used for ceramic tiles, microcrystalline stone and other brittle stones.

6: Relevant segment design parameters can be given. The segment design parameters include the square number of the stone that the customer needs to cut, the number of meters, and the cutting efficiency per hour. Linxing diamond tools will design the diamond segment in all aspects according to these parameters.

6: Anti-rust treatment or not, if you cut more expensive stone, segment anti-rust treatment must be considered, otherwise, the rust of the segment will cause rust stains on the stone.

7: Post-processing requirements: Linxing will provide customers with free bottom grinding and blade sharpening services. If necessary, customers can directly determine the post-processing items.

8: Packaging requirements: The company provides special marking services, segment appearance marking, packaging marking and other services. If necessary, customers can pay for marking and packaging services as required.
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