Raise Sail in May-Linxing foreigh trade team travalled in Poyang Lake

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10th May in year 2020, during the late spring and early summer,fresh twigs coming out of old trunks, the budding wickers, all give a both warm and chilly sense of spring.Coincides with fine day, the sun was bright and the breeze was soft like silk, Linxing Diamond Tools foreigh trade team stood with his first time outdoor recreation standards at the year of 2020.

Along the winding country road all the way, white clouds in the blue sky, clear and holy. The ridges on both sides of the road are densely covered, and the green seedlings in the paddy fields are looming, like a beautiful picture that has been carefully carved. When all this comes into view, the heart is refreshed and contented, a sense of cheerful steal over the people, and all of us were satisfied with the fragrance of the soil and the flowers on both sides ,it is like people are wandering in the painting.

In a short while, we arrived at our destination     Poyang Lake Wetland Science Park. In front of the door, there is a large landscape stone about 10 meters long and about 2 meters high. It is engraved with eight characters: "Poyang Lake Wetland Science Park". It is also mounted with red paint and looks very atmospheric. Next to the landscape stone is the entrance of the scenic spot. It coincides with the period of the covid-19. There are not many tourists at the entrance. The sparseness makes the scenic spot more quiet and less noisy.

The cement pavement in the scenic area is matched with white granite stone bricks, forming a special color pattern with the surrounding red flowers, green trees, grass, and green waves. When you are in it, you will feel extremely comfortable and your heart is quiet naturally. All of the messy thoughts and trivial matters have been left behind, and the pleasant mood can't help but rise up, may be that is the best gift to people from Nature. Walking along the road in the scenic area, and you will arrive at the Bird Park not far away. Enter the iron curtain. Inside are all kinds of rare birds that have been living on the banks of Poyang Lake, such as peacocks, mandarin ducks, and swans. They walked around randomly and view people without any panic. Behold! What a harmonious picture between man and nature!

Walkind out of the ground, in the deep of the Bird Park, a pool of water forms a meniscus shape, and a wooden bridge runs through the water surface, visitors can be enjoy the sight of the fantastic swans in the water with various shape: some curl up and doze, some snorkel for several meters Later and leap, and some will scream when they hatch......

Keep moving on towards Poyang Lake, we found a particularly beautiful road above a flyover. The yellow and white solid line of the road was changed to three colors of red, yellow and blue. The simple modification made the whole road looks very special. My colleague told me, local people called it” Rainbow Highway” . What’s even more amazing is that one side of the road leads to the depths of Poyang Lake, and the other leads to the outside of the woods,the so-called "one thought of heaven and one thought of hell", the different perspectives on the two sides bring people different feelings. This strong contrast vividly reflects human’s wonderful workmanship excelling nature .

We keep on moving on and reaching the observation deck not far away. The observation deck is 4 floors high and the elevator can reach 3 floors. There is an iron escalator on the last floor. When you reach the highest point, you may have a commanding view of wider Poyang Lake . From a distance,the lack connected with green space, the atmosphere is majestic,the river runs far near the horizon, reflecting the same color of blue sky. It is so magnificent ! I can't help but admire our great rivers and mountains of the motherland.

Go down to the observation deck and pass by an underwater glass plank road. People are underwater, and the swimming fishes outside the glass next to it are clearly visible. The green lake water rippling with the clear waves, the  green trees seem to merge with the water that brings a different kind of visual beauty: we were enjoy the view of the tree is living in the water, and the fish is swaying in the tree. This special feeling can only be felt when you are in it.

After that, the colleagues of Linxing Diamond Tools began to have a dinner together. After the dinner, we also took a group of speedboats to visit Poyang Lake, and we could better feel the charm of nature in the water. The ancients said: when there are adequate stores, they will know what are decorums; when the people have enough of food and clothing, they will know what is honor. Through this tour, Linxing foreign trade team has become more cohesive and the team atmosphere is more harmonious, especially after enjoying the vast Poyang Lake beauty. Unload fatigue, getting of worries, and then Pack light and move on. The so-called rest is to move forward better. In the future, Linxing Diamond Tools will definitely work harder to overcome obstacles, ride the wind and waves. for the future Linxing and the future self.

On the way back, Linxing team also visited “The First Village of Diamond tools in China”. Mr. Mi told us about the development history of diamond tools in Poyang. The cluster of old buildings witnessed the development of diamond tools in Jiangxi. Take history as a mirror, we can know the ups and downs.  Linxing is on the way now, not only learning the development experience of his predecessors, but also has his own development understanding. I believe that Lin Xing will open up his own world and stand at the forefront of the diamond tool industry not far away!