XIAMEN CONSTRUCTION SITE--- Linxing Diamond wire saw apply in Reinforced Concrete Cutting Site

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Time: the early of June - 20th July 2020

{C}{C}{C}Location:  the spot of old housing stock been demolished in Xiamen island

{C}{C}{C}There are many old-fashioned buildings in modern cities, which not only affect the beauty of the city, but also do not match the surrounding modern scenery. Some buildings are unfinished or too long to become dangerous buildings etc,the demolition of these buildings is an unavoidable stage in urban development.There are one post -and- lintel construction which has upper and down layer should be  demolished at this time, which was used to be a parking lot in the previous. Because it is the foundation, the structure is very complicated, the steel bars adopt the national standard thickness, which are very difficult to remove. With traditional cutting methods,blasting and saw blade cutting are not applicable to this building, so the engineer chose the most economical way to cutting, the diamond wire saw, which also can be meet there cutting needs.

{C}{C}{C}At the initial stage, the engineer chose Linxing’s good sharpness diamond wire saw for cutting, the performance of sharpness is very good, but the disadvantage is can not be lasting very long. Compare with others manufacturer, our product efficiency is 30% higher than others, but life span decrease 20% than others.

At the second stage, the engineer choose Linxing's long life-type diamond wire saw for cutting. It was appeared with lower cutting edge efficiency when it worked at that day, this appearance was more obvious in the later period, but the service life is 40% longer than other wire saw on the market. The engineer requires improve its sharpness . The engineer pointed out that our wire saw did not appear degummed or broken or other issues . Compared with other companies wire saw, our products are undoubtedly guaranteed in terms of quality and quality control.

At the third stage, the R&D of Linxing continues to improve the formula of diamond wire saw, adjust the sharpness, and adjust the production process under the condition of ensuring the same life. Finally, when apply the up-graded wire saw to cutting, the life span is 20% longer than other products, and the sharpness is consistent with other companies. Sincerely, customers are very satisfied with our Linxing wire saw. In the future, our R & D department will continue to improve, striving to provide better sharpness of the wire saw while ensuring a high life, so that customers will be more relaxed in the cutting process.

Through this cutting test of reinforced concrete, our company gained more experience in cutting super-hard, crude steel-concrete structure materials. In the future, Linxing Diamond Tools will continue to innovate and provide customers with the highest quality diamond tool products.

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