Diamond wire saw for reinforced concrete cutting

Product Description:

This technique is widely used in constructions, bridges, tubes and under-water constructions cutting.

Products features:

  1. Sharp and durable.
  2. Suitable for cutting different kinds of concrete.
  3. Specified for cutting different kinds of quarry stones and metals.
  4. Can be Customized according to clients’ requirement .
  5. Spec.11.5mm.Beads Num:40pcs,Fastening method:spring + rubber,Technology:sintered.Color :black.Weight:19.5KG.

Product advantages:

  1. Huge and irregular constructions cutting.
  2. Any directions and parts cutting.
  3. High performance, Safe and no environment pollution.
  4. Remote control operation.

Wire Saw Specifications

Bead Diameter (mm) Bead/meter Application Coating
11.5 40 Reinforced Concrete Rubber+Spring
11.0 40 Reinforced Concrete Rubber+Spring
10.5 40/44 Reinforced Concrete Rubber+Spring
Diamond wire saw for reinforced concrete cutting

Reinforced Concrete Sawing Diamond Wire Saw:

Diamond Wire for Concrete Diamond Wire Sawing Machine (Thick), 10.5mm x 40 beads / meter, Rubber Injection, Premium Quality.
LINXING provides Excellent premium quality Diamond Wire designed for delivering the highest concrete cutting and sawing performance at the lowest cost.
Works great for reinforced concrete cutting and cured concrete sawing. Maximam Linear Cutting Speed: Highly Reinforced Concrete 20 ~ 22 m/s. Normal Concrete 22 ~ 25 m/s.