Diamond Wire Saw For Quarrying

Product Description:

Diamond wire saw for stone quarrying

1.Provide different support designs and sizes beads according to the stone types.
2.Independently developed the special rubber and vulcanized technique to ensure that the diamond wires can work in all sorts of bad environment.
3.The rubber and cable sticking together tightly makes good bonding, and this can be more strikes during the work.
4.The vulcanised rubber easily withstands increases in temperature caused by badly controlled water spraying, which often happens in a quarry.
5.Strong flexibility can reduce the cut-in-one-side problem, and protect cable well when it used for small curvature radius(beginning and end of quarry cuts).

Model No. Diameter(mm) Fixing Type Beads/m Material type Sawing speed(m2/h) Lifetime(m2/m) Line speed(m/s)
φ 11.5
Class1-2 12-18 15-25 28-33
Class3-4 10-15 12-18 28-33
Class4-5 9-10 7-15 28-30