Diamond wire saw for marble&granite block squaring

Product Description:

Product features:

1)  This diamond wire saw is widely used for granite blocks squaring, also can work in stone mining. The products have the following advantages: high efficiency, low pollution, long cutting lifespan, high productivity and high cost effective.
2)  We will provide the wire saw according to different stones kinds. The beads mixture, spec., and size will be made accordingly the structure of stones kinds.
3)  The wire saw is covered with specially processed rubber, and is able to work under different working environments.
4)  The most suitable wire speed for granite is 22-28m/s.
5)  Normally, the length of diamond wire is 50mt/roll. And other length requirements are available.
6)  Attentions: The cutting results are also affected by different skill-class workers and reasonable cutting process.

Specification Coating Beads Cutting material Line speed Cutting speed Life
  Φ11.5mm/Φ11.0mm   Rubber Rubber+Spring 37/38/40/meter Hard stone 18-22 m/s 2-4 m2/h 7-9 m2/m
Mid hard stone 22-25 m/s 4-8 m2/h 8-15 m2/m
Soft stone 25-30 m/s 8-12 m2/h 16-22 m2/m

Other specifications are available upon request.