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Vacuum Brazed Diamond Saw Blade

Vacuum brazed diamond saw blade is a new type of saw blade Through the chemical metallurgical action of the brazing material during brazing, the diamond and the blank blade are bonded together, so that they are melted into one without damaging the characteristics of the diamond and blank blade

Vcuum Brazed Diamond Drill Bit

Diamond dry drill bit is made of high-quality diamond and adopts vacuum brazing to provide more efficient performance than traditional cemented carbide It can be used for drilling ceramic tiles, glass, marble and other materials

Diamond Sink Wheel & Finger Bit

Vacuum brazed diamond finger bit adopts advanced production technology, strict product quality inspection process, long service life and stable grinding performance

Vacuum Brazed Diamond Engraving Bit

Vacuum brazed diamond engraving bit is suitable for carving granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, artificial stone etc

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