Analysis of the granite cutting segment market in India

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India is currently the world's granite mining and processing center, and its diamond segment demand ranks in the forefront of the world. At present, there are many brands and product series of Indian segments on the market. So which segments are currently on the market are worth choosing What about the product? What about the market situation? This article gives a brief introduction.
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India market area analysis
The stone market in India can be divided into two parts, the south and the north. If subdivided, the east and the west can actually be divided. However, due to the large difference in stone between the north and the south, the east and the west are the factors that cause the gap between the rich and the poor. Therefore, we generally compare the difference between the north and the south of the stone products. In the southern part of India, the stone is harder, and many stones are in the medium-hard grade. In this area, the segment is sharper than the segment. The main reason is that the stone is hard and messy. So many times, the object of segment cutting will be More complicated, the sharpness of the segment must be guaranteed. However, in the northern region, the stone is soft, most of the granite stone does not exceed the Mohs hardness of 7, so the sharpness of the cutting is not critical, and the life is more concerned by many manufacturers. Then there is a big difference between the east and the west of India. The east of India is mountainous and the resources are relatively barren. Therefore, the stone factories in the east pay more attention to cost performance. Cheap and easy to use are factors that customers in the east often consider, while the stone factories in the west pay more attention to quality. , This part of customers tend to choose segment products of better-known brands in Korea and China.

Granite cutting segment prices in the Indian market
Customers from India often ask our company, what is the price of segment? In fact, the price of segment is basically divided into the following aspects. The first production management cost, this one will basically not change, because the production cost of a segment will not change from batching, cold pressing, sintering to final packaging. Change, so the price of RMB 1.5-2.0 is almost the same, but the change is that small segments will cool faster, saving labor costs. The second part is the carcass. Since most of the carcass of the granite segment is iron powder, cobalt powder and some other metal powders, according to the ratio, the price difference is very small, but it is only due to the volume change of the carcass. Change, the cost of this part is about 1-3 yuan, the third part is the cost of diamonds, generally the more segment diamonds, the cutting performance and life of the product will be improved to a certain extent, so diamonds must be reserved for 1.5-3.5 yuan s price. So our company's current price range in the Indian market is in the middle of 4-8.5 yuan. Of course, customers have special requirements for customized products, and the formula will be adjusted according to the customer's requirements, and the price will be biased.
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Linxing's performance in granite cutting segment in India
In the north and south, Linxing has its own product characteristics. In the north, the life-span segment is significantly higher than the market-level standard, and the sharpness and stable cutting are guaranteed. In the south, the sharpness is our product. The advantages of Linxing, and Linxing's segment product prices remain stable, providing a good stone cutting solution for the majority of Indian customers.