Analyze the reasons for the insufficient sharpness of the circular saw blade diamond segment

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The segments of circular saw blades often have insufficient sharpness. Let's understand the reasons and solutions in detail. According to the actual life of the segments, we will divide them into three situations for explanation:
1. The cutting life is acceptable, but the sharpness of the segment is not enough.
The specific manifestations of this situation are: the main motor current increases, the cutting feed speed is slow, and the saw blade body even jumps, and the sound is very harsh during the cutting process.
The reasons for this situation are as follows: the bond is too soft and the hardness of the stone is too high; the concentration of diamond is too high, which leads to the cutting surface is too large; the grit size is too fine, and the open depth of diamond segment  is not enough; the diamond grade is too bad; the density of the diamond bond is too high and the hardness is too high, which causes the diamond of the segment to be ground; the thickness of the substrate is too wide, and the width of the selected segment is also too large; the local power supply voltage is too low; the power of the selected cutting machine is too small; the segment has not been fully edged; the blank blade is bent, uneven, and swings; more than one mechanical belt is loose; the stone is not firmly fixed, and there is shaking ; The coolant is too thick, or the water flow is too large or too small to cool the segment well.
2. The cutting life is very bad, and the segment sharpness is not enough
The specific manifestation of this situation is: there is no roughness on the surface of the segment by hand, the diamond in the segment falls quickly during the cutting process, the segment consumes very quickly, and the square number of the cut stone is very small, which is Less than one-half of the normal segment.
The reasons for this situation are: the metal bond is severely oxidized and loses the ability to hold the diamond; the matrix bond is too soft, or the stone is too hard; the sintering temperature of the segment is too low, and the alloying is not completed; the sintering time control is too short, the outer layer of the segment is too much material, and the internal alloying is not completed; during the sintering process, the pressure is insufficient or the holding strength is not enough, which causes the segment to be incompletely alloyed; the mold is too old, the segment size is obviously too large, and the density is not enough; the diamond grade is too bad, and the stone cannot be cut. The diamond is fragile and easy to break; the diamond concentration is too low and there is not enough diamond to cut the stone; the quality of the diamond is too poor, such as the diamond after treatment is not cleaned, and the surface contains impurities such as acid; Welding is not strong, and a large area of the segment may fall.
3. The cutting life is very long, and the sharpness of the segment is not enough
When such a situation occurs, it is mainly manifested as: the cutting speed of the segment is very slow; the power of the motor is very large, and the current is also very large.
The reasons for this problem are: the height of the segment design is high; the formula of the segment has selected the wear resistance; the diamond grit are too small; the diamond concentration is too high; the sintering time of the segment is too long and the alloying is excessive; the diamond grade is too high and the hardness is too hard.
Solution According to the above-mentioned situation, check and adjust on-site one by one, find the core reason and deal with it. Since there are many reasons for the insufficient sharpness of the diamond segment, it cannot be generalized.