Application of diamond segment on granite saw blades

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It is well known that diamond is currently the world found on the earth's hardest material, "it mountain stone can attack jade", is said to cut hard material process, hard gram hard is a better way to process, so this hardest diamond is used in industry, especially in stone cutting, has a very wide range of applications.
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Diamond and metal powder combined to form a very dense, highly abrasive composite section, in the cutting process, the metal is quickly consumed by stone, and embedded in the metal diamond constantly out of the edge, grinding stone, especially in nature is the most abundant, and hardness has a very strong granite, the knife makes granite become an integral part of people's lives. Granite application places have table panels, washbasins, floors, floor tiles, road along the stone, exterior and interior walls, window covers, door covers, floating windows, as well as a variety of carvings, in the process of processing granite, the essential will be designed to diamond and diamond products---- diamond segment.

How does diamond fit with the segment?
Diamond is a tetrahedron structure, individual diamond is unable to complete stone cutting, mainly because the hard diamond is too large, in the cutting process, diamond edge will become blunt, and there are not so many large diamond materials, so be sure to find fixed diamond materials, after a long study, people choose and diamond closer to the iron element-based elements, and then add some other metal powder to increase the knife extension, elasticity, gloss and other metallic elements, and iron , and diamond fully mixed to form a more dense product, such as diamond segment.

Diamond is not necessarily combined with the segment, at present, there are two processing processes on the market, is the use of surface spray diamond formed saw blades, such saw blades because the surface diamond exposure is more obvious, so cutting efficiency is higher, but because the internal cannot be taken into account, so the life of relatively short products. The first is electroplating products, the use of electroplating way to fix diamond on the saw blade substrate, the current Chinese manufacturers can produce fewer, mainly because of the plating products a large number of electroplating waste liquid, pollution of the environment, so gradually is on the verge of elimination. The second way is the way of vacuum brazing, in the vacuum environment, applying a layer of diamond to the substrate, this practice and process is more special, and the upfront investment cost is too high, is still in a state of development.
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Diamond segment and substrate
Diamond segment production, is a one, such a product is not eligible for cutting, in order to make the segment better cutting, the segment fixed on the blade substrate, the formation of diamond saw blade is a good practice, at present, according to the combination of the segment and substrate, can be roughly divided into fire welding, laser welding, high-frequency welding, cold welding several ways, the base and segment connected together, so that they form a whole diamond saw blade, with cutting capacity.

For granite saw blades, sharpness is the most important parameter, followed by life, diamond segment to a large extent determines these two parameters, so many times, saw blade cutting problems are not saw blade itself, most of the diamond segment problems, how to choose diamond segment, is an important factor to solve granite saw blade cutting.