Arcing process before diamond segment welding

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The process of arcing the diamond segment is to process the bottom of the segment into an arc that is consistent with the arc of the welding substrate. It is mainly processed by grinding technology, but currently the arcing of the segment is manually operated, which leads to arcing. The results are not satisfactory. This article mainly introduces the latest arcing process, so that people can understand and weld a diamond saw blade with higher strength and better bonding.
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Before talking about the arcing process, we must understand what diamond segment is to be arced?

At present, the three most common methods for welding segments are fire welding, high frequency welding and laser welding. In terms of fire welding, since it is completely manual welding, the welding strength and welding process are basically determined according to the proficiency of the welding master. This method is widely used in mines and small factories with relatively poor conditions. The main advantage is that only Requires flame, so portability is high. For high-frequency welding, the requirements for the welding seam are not too high, but additional soldering blades are needed. However, the welding strength of the saw blades connected by the soldering blades and the segment is relatively general. Under the impact of strong impact, the segment is prone to shifting. Bit, falling off, etc. As for laser welding, the segment and the saw blade are directly melted by laser. This welding method, the segment and the saw blade are closely connected, but the biggest problem with this welding method is that the size of the segment bottom and the saw blade cannot be completely attached. Together, at this time, the segment is about to be arced.

There are three main types of segment arc machining processes: the first type is manual bottom grinding, that is, a fixed grinder is used. A grinding wheel similar to the saw blade gear is installed on the machine, and the segment is held in hand to quickly grind. In this way, the bottom of the segment is arced. The segment processed in this way can barely meet the requirements of laser welding, but due to the manual method, the efficiency is low, the accuracy is low, and the risk is high. Many small Diamond segment manufacturers will use this method.

The second type: use automatic abrasive belt arcing for grinding, which is different from the arc of the grinding wheel. The abrasive belt adopts the arc that matches the base teeth perfectly. Under the rapid rotation of the machine, the segment automatically moves down and proceeds automatically. Circular arc processing. This is currently the mainstream segment arc machine, but because of this method, the abrasive belt is consumed quickly, and the abrasive belt needs to be replaced frequently, which increases the processing cost.
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The third method is to use a hand grinder to fully artificially grind the bottom. This method requires the segment to be fixed upside down, and then the bottom of the segment is polished to adapt to the sawtooth. This method is similar to the first method, and both are used. The grinding wheel is used for segment grinding. The difference is that this method is less efficient, but it will be more portable.