Characteristics and application of arc diamond segment

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The arc segment is a segment product with obvious curvature at the bottom and top. From the perspective of the segment structure, the design of the arc segment is completely determined by the arc of the base, and the arc of the base is determined by the size. It is determined that the smaller the size of the substrate, the larger the arc, and the larger the size of the substrate, the arc of the arc segment will decrease accordingly. For saw blades with a diameter of more than 900mm, the radius of the segment is very small. Many segments are almost flat at the bottom. Before welding, simply grinding the bottom can be welded. For flat segments, this article will not introduce more.

At present, the arc segment is used for saw blades, and there is also a segment used on diamond drill bits, and can also be used for bucket saws. The main structure is that the arc of the segment adopts a U-shaped structure, and the upper and lower sides are straight. The shape of the inner bend depends on the radian of the drill bit. The smaller the diameter of the drill, the larger the radian, and the larger the diameter of the drill, the smaller the radian.
diamond segments for stone splitting, marble cutting segments
Curved segments are very common segments. According to their appearance and structure, they can be divided into the following common types:

Fan-shaped segment, this kind of segment is more common, the main shape is fan-shaped, such as the shape of fan-shaped sector, which is mainly used for marble saw blades with a height of not more than 8mm. This kind of segment is a slender strip. After being used on the saw blade, it can be distinguished according to the keyhole, U-shaped groove, and J solt groove.

Turbine segment. This kind of segment is commonly used on small disc of 105-230mm. The segment is arc-shaped, but in the design of the segment, it will be manufactured in a superposition method. The turbo segment is divided into a cold pressed ring. The former is used for cold-pressed sintered blades, and the latter can be used for saw blades below 600mm.

Short-tooth segment, which is commonly used in saw blades with a diameter of 300-600mm. It is mainly used for cutting granite, especially hard granite. The use of this segment for processing can speed up the cutting efficiency and improve the sharpness. The characteristic of this curved segment is that the segment is relatively short, usually 20mm long and 13mm or 15mm in height. Two segments can be welded on the same serration. This kind of segment will take into account the life and sharpness.

T-shaped reinforced segment, in the process of cutting granite, especially when granite with larger particle size, chip removal is very important. How to enhance the chip removal ability of the segment and reduce the secondary consumption of the segment is to adopt T The curved blade is a very good choice. This blade has a T-shaped reinforcement on the side, which can well protect the blade from the influence of stone powder, and enhance the cooling ability, the saw blade will run more stable.

U-shaped and V-shaped curved segments. These two segments have a U-shaped or V-shaped hole in the cutting surface to increase the sharpness of the saw blade. The bottom and top of the segment are curved. .
diamond segment, V shape diamond segment
The arc-shaped segment is used for barrel saws (early cylindrical processing machinery). Through barrel saws, circular arc plates, hollow and solid large cylinders are processed.

In general, the arc-shaped segment is the most common segment used for cutting small blocks of stone in the stone processing process, such as breaking, trimming, engineering cutting, etc. However, due to the many shapes of the arc-shaped segment , choose the right curved segment is very important.