Diamond segment damage and solutions

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In the cutting process of diamond segment, especially super-hard stone, such as stone with high metal content or high density, segment and stone have a strong impact force. Sometimes, if the impact force is too large, the segment will appear. There are three specific manifestations of damage:
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The first type is that part of the edge of the segment is damaged. This situation is mainly caused by the insufficient hardness and strength of the segment. The specific reasons are mainly the problem of the carcass binder formula, insufficient sintering temperature, and insufficient sintering time. Or it is caused by insufficient pressure during segment sintering.

The second situation is that the non-working layer and the working layer in the sandwich segment are cracked, which is mainly manifested in the cracks in the middle of the segment, which causes the width of the segment to increase. In the process of stone processing, the cutting seam becomes larger, the efficiency is reduced, and the board will appear Serious scratches. The specific reason is that during the production process of the segment, the formula of the carcass binder is not good, and it is not closely combined with the iron flakes or powders of the non-working layer. It may also be due to insufficient or too long sintering time and sintering pressure. Caused by reasons such as being too small.

The third situation is relatively rare. Generally, soft stone segments are used to forcibly cut hard stones, causing the segment to fail to withstand the impact. The segment will fall off and even deform or even be damaged in a large area. Of course, generally experienced stone processing People will pay attention to such situations and find ways to avoid them. The main reason for this situation is either human factors or segment formulation errors.

In addition to the matrix bond, the above three situations also have diamond reasons. For example, diamond is afraid of high temperature. When the temperature is 550 degrees Celsius, the diamond will slowly turn into graphite. This process is also called diamond carbonization, proper carbonization. It can make the diamond and the metal bond better bond together, but once the heating is too high, the diamond will be excessively carbonized, and the segment will fall off, especially the diamond segment with a higher concentration, because there are more diamond powders in it, carbonization The more serious the, the worse the stability of the segment. During the cutting process, a large area of carbonization is formed in the middle part of the segment, which has actually formed a hollowing effect. Naturally, during the cutting process, the segment is easily destroyed by impact force.

Segment damage is abnormal loss. For the above reasons, there are also equipment reasons (the machine is too old and the response is not sensitive), misoperation (too fast speed, too fast cutting speed, too deep cutting speed will cause segment damage), and insufficient sharpness, segment Reasons such as insufficient strength, wrong weighing, and improper sintering.
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