Diamond segment design

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The design of diamond segment mainly includes three aspects of bit performance design, segment structure design and segment appearance design, and we will explain in detail for these three aspects:
Performance design aspects:

First of all, in the early stage of designing a new diamond segment product, it is necessary to make an expected calculation of the efficiency and life of the product, which will face two problems, the first is to have the data support of the old formula, and then deploy a new formula, at this time, it is very likely to be based on the old formula for the proportion of metal powder, you can also make some adjustments to the particle size, concentration and grade of the diamond powder, by fine-tuning the proportion of these products, to achieve the purpose of designing a new formula. The second situation is completely without any data support, can only rely on the experience of the formula designer, combined with the hardness, density, stone type of stone for rough estimation, and finally the deployment of a new powder ratio and diamond ratio, according to such a formula produced by the diamond segment products are riskier, the general diamond segment manufacturers will first find some local manufacturers for testing, and then on a large scale promotion.
Secondly, the performance design will be more according to customer requirements to continue to correct, such as customers are very satisfied with the life, but the cutting sharpness is not satisfied, at this time, the design of new products should be mainly focused on maintaining the life of the diamond segment at the same time, increasing the sharpness, may improve the strength of the diamond powder, or increase the concentration of diamond powder, increase the use of fine particles of diamond, so that you can increase the grinding force of the diamond segment, so as to design a more suitable customer segment.
Finally, the diamond segment has reached the customer's requirements, but also need to continuously improve the performance, Lin Xing diamond tools believe: in the diamond tool industry, the best diamond segment used this year, in the next year must be the worst diamond segment, with such a concept, the continuous design of more high-quality diamond segments has become the core concept of diamond segment design.

Structural design:

At present, most of the diamond and powder technology is mastered by the vast majority of manufacturers, many times, in the diamond segment industry, the fight is smaller details, such as product structure, for a simple example, multi-layer structure of the diamond segment is currently the most commonly produced by Chinese manufacturers, but this structure is from the sandwich structure of the diamond segment continues to learn experience, and finally recognized by the market, especially the thickness of the iron plate in the sandwich diamond segment, a little more and a little less will directly affect the chip removal and cooling of the diamond segment, and also directly affect the cutting efficiency of the diamond segment .Sometimes even reach 5-20 percent, so the research and development of the diamond segment structure still needs more data support.
Appearance design of diamond segment: 

The appearance of the diamond segment mainly has two parts: respectively, the shape and color, the color mainly determines the aesthetics of the diamond segment, and the shape, reasonable shape can make the diamond segment in the cutting process can obtain higher cutting efficiency, smoother cutting effect and longer cutting life, reasonable design of the appearance of the diamond segment is also a very important step.