Diamond segments for 2000mm diameter saw blades

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In recent years, with the development of society, people pay more attention to home decoration, and more and more application of stone, especially the application of floor stone, many marble and granite are widely used in processing into tile with 800*800mm, they are used to decorate the lobby, living room, rooms and other floors, and with the maturity of the dry hanging technology for exterior wall stone, more and more buildings use these specification tiles, which are laid outdoors and play a beautiful role.

Therefore, the 2000mm single-piece saw blade is a commonly used saw blade. This saw blade deducts the diameter of the flange, and the maximum cutting size is about 830, which is exactly in line with the specification of cutting 800mm width. Naturally, it is widely used. Applications.

At present, the machines that mainly use single-blade saws are mainly gantry saws and bridge cutting machines. During the working process of gantry saws, the main movement of the trolley is forward, backward, left and right, and the saw blade ends are cut by up and down strokes to complete the cutting. Generally, gantry saws cutting beam is fixed and cannot be moved back and forth for cutting. The bridge cutting machine mainly uses fixed stone, and completes the cutting of the stone through the front, back, left and right, and up and down strokes of the saw blade.

After understanding the machinery, let's give a detailed explanation of the diamond segment of the 2000mm diameter saw blade. First of all, in terms of use, the 2000mm saw blade segment is mainly divided into the segment for cutting marble, the segment for cutting granite and the segment for cutting sandstone. let us explain one by one:

2000mm diameter saw blade segments for cutting granite:

In terms of shape, most of these segments are M-shaped, and the main purpose is to quickly open the edge. The size of Lin Xing's current segment is mainly 24×10.6/9.8×15 (20,25), this parameter represents the length it is 24mm, the width is divided into upper width and lower bottom, the upper width is 10.6mm, and the width of the lower bottom is 9.8mm. The design of the segment is mainly to solve the problem of chip removal of the segment and better help the segment to cool. In terms of height, due to the high wear resistance of granite, the heights of 15mm, 20mm and 30mm are relatively common, and other heights such as 13mm and 25mm can be customized. In order to maintain the uniformity of the stone, it is necessary to set a "V"-shaped reinforcing groove on the surface of the segment, mainly to ensure that the stone cutting thickness is uniform. In terms of structure, the sandwich segment structure is the main structure.

2000diamond segmentmm diameter saw blade segments for cutting marble:

In terms of shape, this kind of segment generally adopts parallel cutting, but for better cutting effect, most segments need to be open at the factory, mainly because the wear resistance of marble is generally not strong. The cutting efficiency of the segment will be slow in the early stage, and there will be a situation where it cannot be cut. In terms of specifications and dimensions, it is mainly 24×10.5×8 (10,12), of which 24mm is the length, 10.5 mm is the width, and the height of marble is generally 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, mainly because of the wear resistance of marble Low, Linxing's marble segment has strong cutting performance. The 8mm high segment can cut marble for more than 20 days , which has basically met the cutting needs. If the height is too high,  the segment is cutting with water for a long time, it is easy to be rust. In case of rust, excessive use time also makes the cutting process of the segment unstable, and the welding surface of the segment experiences strong impact for a long time, which will also cause instability. The marble segment will be designed in two ways: sandwich structure and layer structure. Among them, the sandwich segment is more life-enhancing, while the layer structure segment is more sharp and enhanced.

2000mm diameter saw blades for cutting sandstone:

Generally, the outlook of sandstone segment is M type, and 24x11x13 (15) is a more commonly used size. Sandstone has the characteristics of high abrasiveness, so the abrasiveness of the carcass is relatively high.