Effect of diamond powder concentration on diamond segment

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Diamond powder concentration is the diamond segment in the unit volume of diamond content, it is a variable, as the main cutting part of the blade, diamond content in the segment has a great impact on sawing processing, we take stone processing, diamonds concentration directly affects the following aspects:
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Segment efficiency
During the processing of natural stone, the segment on the diamond saw blade is cut quickly through the diamond powder exposed to the top of it, and when the diamond powder concentration decreases, the amount of diamond exposed will decreases as well, and during the cutting process, the reduction of the teethes will directly lead to the reduction of efficiency. When the concentration of diamond powder in the segment gradually increases, the concentration of exposure to the surface of the diamond segment increases, and in the process of grinding the stone by saw blades, more diamond is involved in the grinding of the stone, which naturally increases the efficiency of the segment. When the concentration of the diamond powder in the segment increases further, the efficiency of the segment is gradually reduced due to the large area of exposed diamonds. Judging from the process of increasing the concentration of the segment, its efficiency shows the trend of parabolic at first going up and then going down.

Segment lifespan
When the diamond powder concentration is low, the number of diamond used for cutting in the diamond segment is small, in the same speed, line speed and segment speed, the exposed diamond is subjected to increased pressure, will directly lead to the exposure of diamond rupture, especially for large particles of diamond, once the formation of large particles, it is very easy to be impacted under greater pressure resulting in diamond fragmentation, directly reducing the use of diamond segment body, such a segment body will also shorten the wear. In the process of increasing the concentration of diamonds, the service life of the diamond segment will increase. However, when the concentration of diamond is too high, there will be a decrease in the life of the segment, mainly because the fetal binding agent on the diamond's holding force is reduced, but this situation is rare.

Combined with the above two factors, diamond segment in the diamond concentration adjustment with two directions, the first is to find the segment sharpness of the best concentration, this time, the sharpness of the segment is the best, there is a certain life, such a diamond segment belongs to the sharp type of products. The second is to increase the diamond powder, in order to ensure cutting performance, there is a critical point of concentration value, such a diamond segment belongs to the life-type products.
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In general, the diamond powder concentration in the segment cannot be too low or not too high, too low price will appear a lot of cutting problems, many low-cost segments mostly use this way, a quality of a penny, must not be greedy for cheap, in fact, usually faced big loss, but diamond concentration is too high, is not completely favorable, cost-effective will gradually reduce.