Five factors affecting product design of diamond segment

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The most common use of diamond segment is to weld it to the saw blade substrate, which is used to cut stone, ceramic tiles, asphalt, concrete and other materials, but do you know that segment determines many factors of the saw blade, such as the saw blade Life, sharpness, stability, etc., so what determines these points of the segment?

Diamond size

Diamond particle size is a very important parameter of diamond segment. Generally speaking, when coarse-grained segments are used on saw blades, the saw blade segments are sharp, the sawing efficiency is high, and the cutting life is long, but the bending strength of the diamond segment is reduced. Once encountered a hard material, the segment is prone to deformation and falling; if the diamond grain size is mixed with coarse and fine, the saw blade segment has high durability, but the cutting efficiency is low; if all fine-grained diamond segments are selected, Saw blade segments are very durable, but the cutting efficiency is further reduced, so they are widely used in hard granite processing, which is one of the reasons why the price of granite segments is cheaper than that of marble segments. Of course, when selecting the diamond size, the 50/60 mesh size is more suitable.

Diamond concentration

Diamond concentration refers to the content of diamond powder in a certain volume. The higher the concentration, the more diamond material is used. As the diamond concentration changes from low to high, the blade sharpness and sawing efficiency show a gradual decline. The main reason is that the diamond on the cutting surface has increased and the cutting surface has increased. Under the condition of a certain cutting speed, the larger the cutting surface, the slower the cutting efficiency. However, as the diamond concentration increases, the service life of the segment will be Gradually extend; but the diamond concentration is not higher and higher. In fact, when the diamond concentration is too high, the saw blade will be too large because of the cutting surface, and the diamond will not have a new edge due to the strong impact and friction. When the segment becomes blunt, the segment cannot cut the stone.
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Conversely, when the diamond concentration is gradually reduced, the efficiency of the saw blade segment will continue to increase, but in terms of life, due to the reduction of the cutting surface, the carcass bond will be quickly consumed, and the natural life will be greatly reduced. The diamond concentration is reduced to a certain level, and the segment can no longer cut the stone. The main reason is that the cutting surface is too small, and the diamond is smoothed as soon as the edge is cut, causing problems such as inability to cut.

Diamond strength

The strength of the diamond needs to match the hardness of the cutting object. It is better to 1-2 Mohs hardness higher than the cutting object. Because the crystal of too high strength is not easy to break, the abrasive grains are polished during use, and the sharpness decreases, which leads to cutting. Slipping; On the contrary, if the diamond strength is not enough, it will be easily broken after being impacted, and it is difficult to bear the heavy duty of cutting. If possible, for ordinary hardness granite stone, the strength of 130-140N is better.

Bonding phase base

At present, the copper-based bonding base is commonly used for marble. Because marble is relatively soft, the mechanical properties of the segment are relatively low. The copper-based bonding agent has the characteristics of low wear resistance, low strength, and low sintering temperature. This ensures the integrity and abrasiveness of the diamond material in the segment. The granite is different. The granite material is harder and has higher abrasiveness. Choosing iron-based adhesives can make the segment stronger. And because iron and diamond have a natural affinity, iron-based The segment can increase the holding power of the diamond, allowing the segment to cut harder granite stone. As for the cobalt base, it mainly improves the strength and hardness of the segment, as well as the bonding performance. It is mainly used for gang saw segments or some higher-grade marble segments.

Sintering process

As the temperature increases, the densification degree of the carcass increases, and the bending strength also increases. With the extension of the holding time, the bending strength of the blank carcass and diamond agglomerates first increases and then decreases. The sintering process at 800°C for 120s meets the performance requirements.
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These reasons are the reasons that affect the design of segment products. Linxing Diamond Tools Co.,Ltd. is committed to the research and development of diamond segment products. For many years, the products have been based on their good stability, preferential prices, and customized sharpness and longevity. , So that stone factories all over the world can reduce production and processing costs well, and contribute to the rapid cutting of stone.