How is the diamond segment produced?

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Diamond segment production part is mainly divided into 5 parts, respectively, preparation, mixing material, press plate, sintering, post-treatment part, for the five parts of the production of the segment, we are introduced:

Preparation: the preparation process is a very important part of the segment production process, first of all, before the preparation of materials need to be selected by customers for cutting objects to make a formula adjustment, especially for some customers with special needs, such as cutting very hard granite, this time, the need to put the segment of the tire body material hard, the advantage of doing so is to allow the segment to use longer.

Adjusted formula, there is the corresponding weight of the material, according to the number of segments to be produced, you can calculate the total weight of various metal materials and diamond powder. If the quantity is too large, it can be produced in batches. Once all the materials have been taken out of the warehouse, the process of preparing the materials is complete. Although the preparation process is simple, but the weight of the material must be very accurate, otherwise once the material ratio error, such a segment production is certainly not useful, resulting in waste.
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Mixing: Weigh the prepared powder and diamond separately, put it in a 3D mixer, stir, and over time, when the raw materials are fully mixed, the mixing process is complete. The process of mixing is very error-prone, mixing time is too long, powder and air contact time is longer, oxidation is faster, making the segment more unstable; So, 1-2 hours of stirring time is more normal.

Press: When the raw materials are fully mixed, the powdered raw materials need to be pressed, that is, the powder through high pressure, forming a block, because the process is completed at room temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius, so this process is also known as cold pressure. After the cold pressure of the segment after weighing, the weight of inappropriate material cutting, re-pressing, the last out of the cold pressure section, the weight of the piece is similar, indicating that the segment of the material mixing is more successful, otherwise if there is too many cutting cases, then the powder mixing process there is a problem.

Put the cold-pressed sheet into the graphite abrasive, if it is a mezzanine segment, will be placed in the middle of the sheet iron or non-working layer of metal powder compartment, and then lock the mold, waiting for the next production process.

Sintering: This process, mainly using sintering machine to complete, through the rapid rise of high temperature and high pressure, so that the metal powder melts quickly, the liquid metal powder melts, the molecules begin to fuse, when cooled, metal clumps and diamond powder form a very strong stress, thus playing the role of fixed diamond powder.

After the sintering process is complete, the segment needs to be cooled at room temperature, until after cooling, the mold is removed, the segment is also produced.
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Post-treatment: when the segment is taken out of the mold, the appearance is not good-looking, so the segment needs to be stirred, so that the surface of the segment is flattened, and form a more beautiful appearance. In terms of color, sand blasting is required to give the surface of the segment a more natural and beautiful metallic color. Finally, according to customer requirements for grinding and cutting, such a segment customer received can be directly welding, reduce the trouble of cutting edge.

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