How to choose the diamond hardness of segment?

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The raw materials of the diamond segment include diamond powder, and most of these diamonds are synthetic diamonds. With the development of synthetic diamond technology, when people choose diamonds, if they consider the hardness, they can be adjusted according to their needs. Generally speaking, the hardness is The higher the diamond, the higher the stability, the less likely to break, and the higher the price. Many people believe that the higher the hardness of the diamond in the segment, the better the quality of the segment. In fact, this is not the case, let's analyze the reasons below.
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The diamond segment is formed by sintering both the diamond and the matrix bond. The sintered diamond segment has stable physical properties and extremely hard materials. The stone can be cut through the exposed diamond on the surface. If the diamond has low hardness, In the process of cutting the stone, the stone and the diamond collide violently, and the diamond is prone to fracture, which causes the diamond to fall off. Such a segment cannot cut the stone.

However, if the hardness of the diamond in the diamond segment is too high, the diamond will be abnormally stable during the cutting process and will not break, then the entire impact will act on the segment and the saw blade. If the welding is not firm or the substrate quality is poor, it is easy There are situations such as segment shedding and saw blade deformation. And diamond wears continuously with cutting, because these diamonds have high hardness, the diamond cutting surface after wear is rounded, and the rounded diamond does not have the cutting ability. With continuous cutting, the stone cannot be cut and the processing efficiency is reduced. Wait for the situation.

So how to choose diamond hardness? To answer this question, we must start with the most perfect cutting state of segment cutting. When segment cutting stone, the consumption of diamond is divided into the consumption of natural wear and the broken diamond caused by impact. When the natural wear of diamond reaches a certain level As the cutting depth of the saw blade increases, the impact force increases. The increased impact force can just damage the rounded diamond and form a new cutting edge. This diamond hardness is the most suitable.

LINXING DIAMOND TOOLS CO., LTD. has analyzed the most suitable diamond segment hardness through long-term testing, a large amount of experimental data and customer feedback. If you want to ensure that the segment has good sharpness and life, it is recommended to choose a hardness of 130- 140N diamond powder.
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The above are all about the parameters of the hardness of the diamond segment, but diamonds are often the attributes of particle size, concentration and hardness. The other two attributes require understanding of the binder formula, cutting object, applicable machinery, customer requirements and other aspects. determine.