How to increase the sharpness of the diamond segment

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Diamond segment is the most commonly used diamond tool for stone processing enterprises. It is mainly used for welding on diamond circular saw blades. In the process of stone processing, the circular saw blade rotates quickly to cut the stone. Since it is cutting, there is also the problem of cutting speed. Generally speaking, the higher the sharpness of the diamond segment, the faster the cutting speed and the higher the processing efficiency. The lower the sharpness of the diamond segment, the cutting efficiency must be very low. When the efficiency is low to a certain extent, the segment cannot cut the stone. At this time, not only the segment will have problems, but the saw blade substrate, machinery, and stone will have problems, such as deformation of the substrate, broken shaft of the machine main beam, and broken stone. So how to improve the sharpness of the diamond segment and make the processing faster has become the core research and development direction of the diamond segment. This article uses six ways to improve the sharpness of the diamond segment to let everyone better understand the characteristics of the diamond segment:
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1. Improve the strength of diamond: Diamond is the main cutting part of the diamond segment. The higher the diamond strength, the stronger the diamond grinding performance during the cutting process. However, it should be noted that you cannot blindly increase the diamond strength, because once the diamond strength is too high, the diamond wear is far less than the wear of the matrix, then the diamond will fall off in a large area. In this case, the segment is not sufficient in the cutting process To play the role of diamond, but increase the cost. Therefore, properly increasing the diamond strength is the best choice to increase the segment sharpness, and while increasing the diamond strength, it is necessary to appropriately increase the strength and wear resistance of the matrix bond.
2. Appropriately increase the diamond particle size: Most of the diamonds in the diamond segment use a combination of coarse and fine particle sizes, in which the ratio of coarse and fine meshes is about 1:1. When the coarse and fine particle size is adjusted to 6:4, The sharpness of the segment is greatly improved, but it needs to be matched with a stronger carcass binder.

3. Appropriately reduce the diamond concentration: the diamond concentration is the content of diamonds in the segment. Appropriately reducing the diamond concentration can better increase the holding force of the matrix binder on the diamond. During the cutting process, the stone is grinded by a smaller amount of diamonds. Under the same pressure, the smaller the force area and the greater the pressure, the sharpness of the segment will naturally be appropriately improved, but excessively reducing the concentration will cause the life of the diamond segment to decrease, and even the situation will not move.

4. Reasonable selection of matrix formula: In terms of matrix bond selection, diamond metal bond should be selected to match the diamond grinding efficiency, and the matrix bond with better stability should be selected, rather than being too hard or Too soft metal carcass.

5. Correct welding and processing operations: It is not easy to use the diamond segment well. Pay attention to the welding strength and welding angle when welding. Pay attention to the use of the segment during the use of the segment. Choose the corresponding speed according to its change. Knife speed and cutting speed, and do a good job of cooling the diamond segment.
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6. Shorten the length of the segment: shorten the length of the standard segment 24mm to 22mm. The reduction in length can increase the cost of the segment and reduce the grinding surface, thereby increasing the cutting pressure and increasing the sharpness.