Is the alloy powder for diamond segment bond really good?

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The traditional diamond segment uses monomer powder, which mixes copper powder, iron powder, tin powder, zinc powder, cobalt powder and other metal powders in a certain proportion, but due to the coarser particle size of the powder, the mixing is not uniform. It happens from time to time, and these metals need to be sintered at a high temperature during the sintering process, but a high temperature of about 850 degrees will cause the diamond to undergo a carbonization process, which reduces the life and stability of the diamond segment. Therefore, people began to use high-pressure atomization, co-precipitation, mechanical alloying, electrolysis and other methods to make the powder more delicate and uniform. Such powder can be sintered at about 650 degrees after being cold-pressed and shaped. It reduces the possibility of diamond carbonization and increases the stability of the diamond segment. In addition to these, the diamond segment made of alloy powder has the following advantages:
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1: Compared with traditional diamond powder, it is difficult to develop formulas. Alloy powders will provide a lot of bond formulas, which can meet the bond hardness and wear resistance requirements of different markets and different cutting objects. So it is deeply liked by some small and medium-sized segment factories.

2: Reduce the time of many metal powder ingredients, and reduce the error rate, making the ingredients easier.

3: In the sintering process, the combination of solid and liquid phases is a very complicated problem. How to make diamond and molten metal liquid be combined well requires a very professional knowledge base, so that professional people can do professional things. Powder manufacturers are studying how to mix powders every day, and the products they produce are becoming more and more in line with market needs.

4: Prefabricated alloy powder can save costs. At present, cobalt must be added to some bonds to obtain higher strength. However, if alloy powder is used to replace cobalt powder, it can also have the same effect as segmentation and greatly reduce production costs. And manufacturing costs.

5: Due to the liquid phase sintering process of alloy powder, it is easy to form agglomerates with extremely high stability. During the cutting process, the life and sharpness of the diamond segment made of alloy powder can be increased by 10-30%, which can be said to be greatly improved. Enhance the performance of diamond segment.

However, there are not many cases of alloy powder used in the current market, which is caused by the following reasons:

1: The alloy powder is easy to oxidize, especially during the sintering process, the oxidized alloy powder will cause the quality of the segment to deteriorate. Therefore, it is recommended to use vacuum sintering machinery. The price and use of such machinery greatly increase the production cost of the diamond segment.

2: If diamond powder is purchased from a powder factory, it means that the factory does not have core technology, so most factories are unwilling to accept this. Once the powder factory cultivates the usage habits of the segment manufacturer, the later initiative will not be in the hands of the segment manufacturer. On it.

3: Although there are many alloy formulas, but for many cutting objects, the alloy formula needs more time to adjust due to the imperfect technology. For diamond segment manufacturers, it may not be able to meet the cutting needs of customers for a long time, thus losing customers .

4: The last problem is that many alloy powder factories are controlled by large diamond tool companies. The production costs and manufacturing costs of small and medium segment manufacturers will be very easy to calculate, thereby reducing their product competitiveness.
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In general, although alloy powder is good, it also has many drawbacks. Jiangxi Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. uses its own research and development formula and also has its own alloy powder factory to produce segments that can meet the needs of customers at home and abroad. Welcome customers to come to consult.