Linxing diamond wire saw beading equipment

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Diamond wire saw is the most commonly used hard material cutting tools in domestic engineering and mining in recent years, such as reinforced concrete, stone mining and cutting. Diamond wire saws are used, so what equipment is they produced by? This article will detail the diamond wire saw production equipment of Jiangxi Linxing diamond tool.
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3D powder blender
 Diamond beads need to be produced first, and the production of beads need bead base and bead cutting layer two parts, beaded base Lin Xing selected is the Euwirean standard quality substrate material, with non-cracking, high rigidity, good toughness and so on. On the powder side, there are a variety of metals, binding agents, plus diamond and other components, in order to mix these powders evenly, it is necessary to stir, the use of 3D powder mixer work for 1-2 hours, you can meet the needs of full mixing.

Automatic cold press
Mixed even powder, need to be combined with the substrate, the best way is through cold pressure to make the powder and the tire body shape, convenient for the later sintering process. Linxing diamond tools currently use automatic cold press for beading cold pressure process, to ensure that product quality is more stable, more stable structure.

Hot press sintering machine
Put the cold-pressed beads into the graphite abrasive, through high temperature and high pressure, so that the cold-pressed section of the metal powder fully melted, these metal molecules form a chemical fusion, and then form a more stable, better hardness alloy clumps, so as to have a stronger wrapping, so that diamond better fixed.

Beaded dressing machine
The cooled diamond beads are released, and these protruding parts need to be trimmed because the liquid metal will flow during sintering. The bead dressing is completed by the automatic dressing machine.

Automatic wire-wearing machine
Through the automated machine, the beads are quickly penetrated into the wire wire and the beads are automatically secured.

Flat vulcanizer
This machine, also known as a glue-injecting machine, wraps a layer of rubber around wire wires and beaded outer tests.

Sharpening machine
Automatic cutting machine is to facilitate wire saw blade, if the wire saw does not open the edge, the back cutting hard material, the early stage will appear inhospitable situation.

Fully automatic wire wrapper
It is mainly used for wire saw packaging, making the packaging process easier.
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