Natural diamond segment and synthetic diamond segment

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Natural diamond segment refers to the use of pure natural diamond, through a sieve, choose 50-60N grain diamond, by sintering way fixed in the metal tire body, forming a stable section. And synthetic diamond segment refers to the selection of artificial methods, according to the formation of C elements, complete the process of graphite through high temperature and high pressure into diamond, synthetic diamond for diamond segment, for cutting stone, is the mainstream stone cutting tools.
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At present, most of the natural diamonds are used in jewelry, in industrial use, due to low yield, expensive application costs make the natural diamond segment almost extinct. So what are the differences between synthetic diamond segments and natural diamond segments?

1: Color is not the same: the biggest difference between synthetic diamond and natural diamond is that synthetic diamond through graphite heating and pressurization treatment, so that carbon into diamond, the specific process is: artificial diamond is by simulating the underground 2300 degrees C, 15 to 180,000 atmosphere of high temperature and high pressure environment, put a very small natural diamond in the center as a seed, in the diamond around the high temperature metal liquid, in the upper layer of the metal solution is graphite, In this environment, carbon atoms in graphite line up from metal atoms to diamonds to form new diamonds, which are artificial diamonds. But because in this environment, the need for catalysts and the presence of nitrogen, synthetic diamond is made of impurities inside, which also leads to the color of synthetic diamond yellow, but natural diamond is a long-term formation process, the surface and interior are transparent, like glass and crystal. So the segment made of synthetic diamond and natural diamond in the color of diamond is different, yellow is synthetic diamond, and white transparent is mostly natural diamond.

2: Cutting capacity is not the same: the more natural diamond after the accumulation, its structure is very stable, from the structure and hardness point of view, the natural diamond hardness is much higher than synthetic diamond, and synthetic diamond although it has been breaking through technical barriers, but two aspects still no progress, one is diamond purity is not pure, the second is to make white transparent purity a little higher diamond, grain size is very small, structure is not stable. So the cutting performance of synthetic diamond segment is certainly better than that of natural diamond segment.

3: Life is not the same: although the synthetic diamond segment can cut stone, but due to structural instability, resulting in cutting life is shorter than natural diamond production of diamond segment. Even so, synthetic diamond is now the only raw material that can be used to cut stone, and its application depends on cutting super-hard materials is widespread.

4: The price is not the same: the price of synthetic diamond is far lower than natural diamond, so after the production of the segment, its cost price comparison is very large, as an industrial supply, diamond segment price must meet market requirements, so the current market, synthetic diamond segment occupies the entire market, and natural diamond is towards jewelry, jewelry and other luxury industries.
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But even if synthetic diamond has so many shortcomings, but for cutting stone, the current Linxing company uses high-grade synthetic diamond, the production of knife products cutting stability, sharpness, long life, by the vast number of domestic and foreign customers trust and support.