Several ways to increase diamond utilization rate of diamond blade segment

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At present, the stone processing industry at home and abroad has been slowly distinguished, simple waste cutting and plate processing belongs to the roughing part, and stone grinding edge, flowering, special type, etc. belong to the finishing part. The main cost of roughing lies in the consumption of diamond segments during the cutting process.
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As far as the present situation is, most of the segments used at home and abroad are powder metallurgical pressing molding method, that is, hot-press sintering process, diamond and metal powder mixed together, but often the knife segment will appear the following problems:

First: the requirements for diamond grade is higher, because if the grade of low diamond, low temperature resistance is weak, can only use low temperature sintering, and low temperature on the metal fusion is very unfavorable. And low-grade diamond for cutting hard stone, cannot be very good to complete the cutting.

Second: the design and process of the knife segment tire body has higher requirements, otherwise diamond will have insufficient holding force or tire wear resistance is not enough, resulting in premature fall off of diamond.

Third: in the process of hot pressure sintering, diamond encountered air will quickly appear thermal damage, and gradually form an oxidation layer, and the case of carbonization, the carbonized layer cannot withstand high-intensity force, so it also affected the cutting performance of the circular saw blade segment.

These problems seriously affect the utilization rate of diamond segments, so how to solve these problems? Below, linxing diamond tools to answer these questions.

Diamond grade issues
For the problem of high diamond grade, high price, Linxing diamond tools have carried out many tests, found that if the segment if the diamond grade is too high, will certainly form a greater waste, so later to use a small number of high grade diamond plus a large number of low grade diamond In the process of use, high-grade diamond in the cutting edge has a very good performance, and low-grade diamond will continue to break, resulting in sharp cutting edge, for raising the sharpness of the knife segment has no small help, slowly, Lin Xing formed a more mature diamond grade ratio, high life requirements of diamond segment, the use of more high grade, less low grade diamond matching scheme, if the pursuit of cutting speed of the segment, then the use of more low grade, less high grade diamond segment ratio.

Fetal formula problem
1) In order to make fuller use of diamond, fetal formula is particularly important, if the fetal formula is too soft, diamond will be a wide range of drops, resulting in a great waste, but if the fetal formula is too hard, diamond will be flattened, resulting in the cutting of the stone, and then the segment needs to open the blade many times, but also cause the waste of diamond, so the most important thing is to make the tire body and diamond hardness and wear resistance as close as possible to adjust or match, consumption of diamond, consumption of the same thickness, consumption of diamond, The diamond utilization rate of the segment can be made to the highest.

2) It is also required to increase the holding force of the fetal body on diamond, the holding force is the impact force size that diamond powder and fetal body can withstand when combined, the holding force is divided into chemical holding force and physical holding force, chemical holding force is the formula of the metal tire body and diamond binding process, the ability to produce binding with diamond molecules, while physical holding force is determined entirely by the hardness, elasticity and rigidity of the fetal body.

3) In addition to the metal formula, titanium plating on the surface of diamond can also be appropriate to increase the holding power of diamond, so that diamond and metal better combined. The process of titanium plating can also be roughly removed from the impurities in diamond powder, the method is through the sodium hydroxide solution heating to boiling, washing diamond, and then the nitric acid heating, secondary cleaning, the third can also be soaked in the plating solution, and finally complete the titanium plating process.
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Hot-press sintering problem
Hot pressure sintering process, because of high temperature, diamond is easy to appear carbonization situation, after carbonization of diamond, the holding force is greatly reduced, diamond natural utilization rate is not high. So how do you solve this problem?

1) Electroplating treatment, this way is a non-high temperature way, diamond and electroplating composite materials into electroplating blocks, later through thermal sintering and then fixed, in this case, electroplating diamond surface has been electroplating layer, so in high temperature conditions will not appear carbonized situation.

2) Vacuum sintering, vacuum sintering is an ideal sintering process, in the knife sintering process, the use of vacuum, so that diamond contact with oxygen, it naturally reduces the possibility of carbonization.

3) Rapid heating, if the sintering temperature can be raised faster, through the principle of heat rise, the rapid discharge of air, but also can minimize the sintering process diamond carbonization.