Source of scrap diamond segments

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In recent years, since the diamond segment is a high-priced commodity, most of the prices are concentrated on the segment material. The price of scrap diamond segments is very low, so if you recycle these diamond segments, then restore them, extract the metal powder and diamond in the segments, and sell them to the segment manufacturers, it is a very profitable business. Therefore, recycling waste diamond segments has gradually become a good business. Although the extracted diamond powder has become unstable, the low price still attracts many people to buy it. Let's take a look at the five sources of waste diamond segments:
1: Recycling of mine segment welding workshop, Major mining areas in China, such as Macheng in Hubei, Quanzhou in Fujian, Zhangzhou, Putian, Wulian in Shandong, Jiujiang in Jiangxi, etc., There are a large number of mining areas in these areas. At present, most of the mines in China are mined with double-blade circular saws. This kind of machinery needs to use a large number of diamond segments. Especially large-scale mining companies have their own welding workshops. A large number of scrapped segments are recycled every month.
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At present, the usage of mining segments is mainly concentrated in China, South Africa, Egypt and other countries, and there is a tendency to expand the scale gradually. The mining circular saw maximizes the utilization rate of stone materials and reduces the waste of stone materials. It is a green and environmentally friendly mining method. In the future, with the vigorous promotion of circular saws, the mining head and the recycling market will also increase year by year.

2: Stone factory recycling, In a year, a large and medium-sized stone factory will use a lot of segments, and they often have their own welding workshop. In particular, some large factories will have their own high-frequency welding machines, and some discarded segments can be recycled every year. However, due to the small number of segments used in small stone factories and the lack of professional welding personnel and equipment, they mainly rely on local welding factories for welding. The third source is this type.
3: Welding factories, This kind of factory that mainly deals with saw blade welding, of course, in addition to welding, many manufacturers also do post-processing of saw blades, repair of saw blades, tests of radial and end jump of saw blades, and balance of saw blades. The welding plant is mainly divided into two parts: drill bit welding and saw blade welding, but no matter which one is, the number of discarded tool segments in a year is also extremely staggering.

4: Segment factory, In the production process of many segment factories, it is inevitable that some customer complaints and returns caused by some product problems will occur. If the returned goods have quality problems, they cannot be sold, so this batch of products will be in stock and kept in the segment factory. If this part of the products can be recycled, it is very good. However, most of the segments are only a matter of cutting speed, so the segment actually discarded by the segment factory is a very small part.

5: Powder factories or research institutes, Many powder factories develop powder projects with specific ratios every year according to customer needs. At first, they were all proportioned according to their own ideas, and the produced products were tested. After the mature proportions were finally tested, they could be sold. The discarded segments of the powder research and development institutions were mainly failed experiments, but the number was small. Not the primary source.