The wire saw project of Linxing diamond tools has been put into operation

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Jiangxi Linxing Diamond Tools Co. , Ltd. diamond wire saw project officially put into operation. Nowadays the daily output of 600 meters, and it will be built a daily production of 3000 meters of large-scale wire saw production enterprises.

After 3 years
preparations, In 2017,  Linxing company was start preparing the product line of wire saws. However, in the face of the unclearly market environment , the emptily product formula, all technical personnel have no concept on the rope saw products produce process. So that the company's chairman Mr. Mi Linchun decide to solve all the problems before start the product line.

In mid-2019, Linxing company has positioned the market, and has basically clarified the domestic and foreign market environment and price system.

At the end of 2019, the company began to introduce technical personnel, train production personnel, introduce part of the equipment, and begin handle the initial production testing work.

At the beginning of 2020, the testing work went well. As testing projects including granite mining wire saws, reinforced concrete, and hetero-shaped wire saws.

In mid-2020, during a large number of wire saw work testing, the product has been recognized by customers. And then the company continues to increase the input of the wire saw product line. Now Linxing company can be mass production of wire saw products.

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