Very useful diamond segment

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Customers often make such a request: Recommend me a useful segment. At this time, we often ask customers a lot of questions. The customer is very confused, they just want a very easy-to-use segment, why are you asking me so many questions? In fact, every customer's needs for segments are different. In India, due to local conditions, cheap and long-life segments are more popular. In Italy, the sharpness and longevity of the segment is the favorite choice of local customers. And for the Egyptians, cheap and cost-effective segments are needed. Moreover, each customer faces different types of cutting stones, hardness, cutting machinery, power conditions, and processing environments. Therefore, a very easy-to-use diamond segment product actually refers to segments that is more suitable for different customers.

So how can customers achieve this desire if they want to get segments that is more suitable for them and is particularly satisfactory? Divided into the following three processes:

1: Understand the needs

It is mainly necessary to understand the customer's usage, such as what kind of machinery is used, the type of stone to be cut, the hardness of the stone, the abrasiveness and other attributes. It is also necessary to know the diameter of the saw blade, the size of the segment, the shape of the segment, and the desired cutting efficiency and life. In addition to these, it is also necessary to consider the price that customers can accept to buy segments, so that a more cost-effective segment can be designed.

Diamond segment, good quality diamond segment, useful diamond segment

2: Test

If the demand is determined, the relevant segment formula can be designed according to the customer's requirements. According to the formula, 2-4 segments are prepared, and these segments are shipped to customers and then tested. By completing the cutting test of the segments, the test results for these segments will eventually be obtained.

3: Adjustment

Adjusting the recipe of the segment is the next step. For example, some customers are not satisfied with some products and need to be reconfigured. They may need to improve the sharpness, or they may want to increase or decrease the cutting life. Linxing will further adjust the products according to the needs of customers.

4:keep improving

The adjusted product continues to be provided to the customer for testing. If the customer is not satisfied, a third adjustment step is required to finally deploy a segment product suitable for the customer's cutting.

Diamond segment, good quality diamond segment, useful diamond segment

But in fact, the adjustment of the cutter head just got a better segment. In order to get a better segment, Linxing's engineers will continue to improve the formula, and let customers continue to test more cost-effective products by giving samples and paying postage tests, and finally achieve the purpose of improving the performance of the segment.