What is the quality segments?

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The diamond segment is the main component of the diamond saw blade and the main grinding part of the saw blade. Its composition is composed of diamond and various metal matrix. Through high temperature and high pressure, the metal powder is melted, then forms a sintered agglomerate with stronger bonding force and higher hardness with diamond, so the diamond segment is also called diamond agglomerate.

The special composition of the diamond segment will cause the quality of the diamond segment also depend on the structural rationality of the diamond and metal element powder. A good diamond segment has a high structure density, good chemical and physical holding power, and takes into account the matching wear resistance of the processing materials.

From the semi-wear condition of a well-processed diamond segment, we can roughly know that the structure of a good diamond segment in the cutting and drilling process is judged: in the main cutting surface, the surface of the blade is concave, that is, the middle is low and the sides High; or sandwich segment will have high working layer and recessed non-working layer. Both of these segment can improve the working condition of the working surface, reduce the lateral working burden, and achieve the purpose of improving cutting speed and drilling quality.

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In addition to the working conditions of the cutting surface, there are many differences between a high-quality diamond segment and a poor-quality diamond segment, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Efficiency comparison

The difference between a good diamond blade and a poor diamond blade is very obvious. For example, in terms of cutting efficiency, using the same machinery and a set speed, the cutting efficiency of good quality blades is visible to the naked eye, and a good blade can be fast In the same time, the cutting performance of poor segments is far inferior. For the stone factory, the efficiency not only affects the production capacity, but also affects the production cost, management cost and labor cost. For large processing plants In terms of a good segment must be a product with high cutting efficiency, such a diamond segment is a very necessary choice.

Cutting life comparison

The cutting life of the segment is directly related to the reduction of production costs, especially for stone processing factory, which can reduce welding costs, labor costs, blade sharpening costs, testing costs, etc. So for the stone factory, the same efficiency, cutting more squares is very important, and the cutting life of a good segment is much higher than that of a poor segment.

Stability comparison

The diamond segment has gone through a long production process in the production process, from batching, mixing, cold pressing, hot pressing, demoulding and other processes. If one of the steps occurs the matter, the stability of the segment will be greatly reduced, and the instability reflected in the performance of the segment falling teeth, deformation, cracking, etc., it will reduce the production efficiency, and even severely, the saw blade will be biased, the mechanical beam will be pushed up, and the saw blade substrate and stone processing machinery will be damaged.

Comparison of segment shape design

The change of the shape of the segment can change the chip removal and cooling effect of the coolant, and can facilitate the blade sharpening and increase the cutting efficiency. A good segment will fully consider the hardness and wear resistance of the cutting material when designing the shape. While the poor segment will not take these into account, poor segment is difficult in chip removal  which will result in the second wear of the segment, and insufficient cooling will reduce the stability of the segment and cause damage to the stone surface.

Use of cobalt

A good diamond segment will use more cobalt powder (high cobalt), while the difference is relatively small (low cobalt). The diamond segment with high cobalt powder will have a great improvement in cutting stability, hardness of the matrix and tightness of the matrix. It has a stronger cutting efficiency and life in the cutting process. Therefore, the gang saw segment and the segment of the ultra-thin saw blade usually use such segment.

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Although there is such a big difference between a good segment and a poor segment, in the rough processing stage, some manufacturers' machinery is too old, the operator is unskilled, welding process and solder material will cause the good segment to fail to reflect its advantages, those have  become the main reason why many stone factories use good segment but can’t experience its good performance.

Of course, for large stone factories, high-quality diamond segment must be a better choice, which can not only reduce production costs, but also save worry, trouble, and management costs and labor costs in the process of processing stone. Linxing diamond segment with better quality is the trend of future stone processing.