Why do diamond segments need to be ground with a grinding wheel?

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After the diamond segment is sintered and demolded, the shape of the diamond segments has been formed, especially after the post-processing process, the basic segments has no major problems. In theory, it can be packaged, but in many cases, responsible The factory also needs to perform the last step of processing on the segment——grinding wheel, so why do we need to grind the diamond segments with grinding wheel? Here are some specific reasons:

1: Remove burrs on the surface of the diamond segment

Sometimes, during the stirring process of the diamond segments, some burrs have not been dealt with, especially some small burrs in the corners. Small, the grain size of the grinding wheel disc is relatively fine. It is best to use the grain size of #1500-#3000 to grind the diamond segments, so that the burr can be quickly removed, and the protective layer on the surface of the diamond segments will not be damaged, and there will be no In contact with air, rust spots appear quickly.
diamond segment 
2: Removal of flow solids

In the process of cutting the diamond segments, sometimes, during the sintering process of the diamond segments, the flow rate of the diamond segments will obviously appear due to the high pressure, the high sintering temperature, or the quality difference of the diamond segments cold pressing. The specific performance is that the appearance of the diamond segments has some solid flow, which is rather ugly. In the process of use, this kind of diamond segments will have some influences of poor cutting quality due to its large width, such as increasing the cutting seam and slate. There are scratches, and it is very easy to chip when cutting. Therefore, when we grind, we can grind off the part of the flowing material, which can ensure the quality and efficiency of cutting to the greatest extent. In the specific grinding and polishing process, the large-grained grinding wheel is used to process the large-area flow material, and then the fine-grained grinding wheel is used for grinding and polishing.
3: Diamond open

Not all diamond segments need to be diamond open, such as cutting granite, sandstone, basalt and other stones, most of these stones have strong wear resistance, which has a strong consumption for the diamond segments matrix, so almost cutting these diamond segments There is no need for diamond open, but if cutting some low-wear-resistant diamond segments, such as talc, marble, limestone and other materials, because the diamond segments carcass is difficult to consume, in order to improve the cutting efficiency, the surface layer is quickly consumed. The diamond segments is very important. In order to better edge the marble diamond segments, parallel diamond segments and arc-shaped diamond segments are more common, while other diamond segments are generally not used for non-wear-resistant stone cutting due to the complicated cutting edge.
4: grinding the bottom of diamond segment

Diamond segments bottom grinding is a way to increase the roughness of the bottom of the diamond segments. It is mainly to enhance the welding area between the diamond segments and the base bond. In the process of welding the diamond segments, it is more convenient and makes the diamond segments more stable. connected to the base. Generally speaking, for cutting hard stone, the higher the welding strength, the better the impact resistance, and the welding area directly affects the welding firmness, so rough welding has a decisive effect on the high-strength fixed diamond segments.