Why the diamond segment formula is constantly improving

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The diamond segment is a very peculiar thing. From the perspective of composition, it is composed of two parts: metal powder and diamond powder. Metal powders of different proportions are combined with diamond powders of different particle sizes, different hardness, and different concentrations. After very close processing procedures, different diamond segments of each manufacturer are formed. These segments have different cutting performances and different service lives. Is there a ratio of metal powder to diamond that makes the diamond segment highly efficient? And a long life? Although it is possible in theory, in fact, this theory is even less valid. The main reason is the increasing quality of synthetic diamond, the ratio of metal powder and sintering temperature and time, the holding pressure strength and time, etc. have a great relationship. , And these are the reasons for the continuous improvement of the diamond segment formula, we will introduce in more detail below.
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One: Diamond products continue to develop. With the development of technology, the synthetic diamond industry has developed rapidly in the past two decades. Not only has the manufacturing cost of diamond segment been greatly reduced, but the quality of diamond has also been developed rapidly. Mainly reflected in the improvement of grade, that is, the improvement of the strength of synthetic diamond. The strength of diamond is improved, and its wear resistance has also been greatly improved. This kind of improvement improves the quality of the segment, and it can achieve good cutting efficiency with less diamonds, so the diamond segment formula must be continuously improved.

Two: The grade of synthetic diamond is improved. What follows is that the ratio of diamond powder needs to adapt to the increasing diamond grade. Otherwise, the strength of the metal bond is too soft, which will cause the diamond to fall off in a large area, and many diamonds have not been fully used. Falling off leads to wastage of diamonds. In this case, how to adjust the bond better to increase the physical and chemical control of the diamond has become one of the reasons why the segment formula must be improved.

Three: Manufacturing costs are constantly decreasing, and the market determines the direction of the product. With the entry of more and more companies and R&D teams in the diamond segment industry, people are pursuing products with lower prices and better quality. The deepening of research and development, slowly, during the sintering process of the segment, how to better integrate the diamond and the metal bond, and continuously reduce the price of the product, so that the segment is more in line with the expectations of the capital market. Under such circumstances, The diamond formula must be constantly changing, especially in 2021 due to the market impact, the price of copper will increase the most. When a more suitable metal is found to replace copper, but the cost cannot be increased, a new segment formula will slowly appear. This is also in line with the laws of market competition and development.
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Four: The last reason is that there are so many types of stones in the world, with different abrasiveness, different hardness, and different composition, resulting in a very wide variety of stones. It is difficult to have a segment that can face so many stones. For example, if a segment of cutting hard granite is used to cut soft stone, then the diamond will continue to be polished during the process of cutting the stone. However, because the granite segment bond is harder, Then, when the diamond is polished and the bond consumption is extremely low, the segment will not be able to cut the stone, such as cutting slippage and distortion of the matrix.