Diamond segment welding requirements

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The welding process of the diamond segment is the process of fixing the diamond segment on the saw blade base. There are many welding methods. At present, flame welding, high frequency welding and laser welding are more common.
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Flame welding uses an oxygen spray gun to heat the substrate and the segment and the connection point. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the temperature melts the soldering lugs, which causes the old segment to fall. Then put in a new soldering lugs and a new segment. When the temperature reaches a certain level, the soldering lugs melts and the segment is firmly fixed with the base. Because most of the welding process in this method is manual, the welding personnel's proficiency is very high, including the judgment of heating temperature, heating time, accurate heating time and controlling the cooling fixed time. The welding requirements are very high.
High-frequency welding is to complete the welding process through a semi-automatic or fully automatic operation process through a high-frequency welding machine. The principle of high-frequency welding is actually the same as that of flame welding. The substrate and the solder in the middle heat up rapidly. When the solder is melted, the heating is stopped, and under the condition of natural cooling, the segment is also fixed on the saw blade substrate. In this welding process, it is necessary to pay attention to the best melting temperature of the solder and try to choose a higher power welding machine, which can make the temperature rise faster, reduce the time of diamond carbonization in the segment, and ensure the segment  quality as soon as possible.
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Laser welding is a process in which the segment and the saw blade can be welded without solder. The laser welding machine quickly heats the substrate and the part of the segment, so that the two are quickly and firmly combined. The laser produces an instant heat of the two parts will completely fuse the two parts of the material, so there is some trouble when unloading the segment later, but this welding method can greatly increase the firmness of the segment, and it can also be used for dry cutting, it is more widely used when cutting concrete and asphalt outdoors. In the process of welding using laser, it is mainly determined by the quality of the machine. A good machine has high laser intensity and rapid heating, so that the segment and the base can be combined more firmly, and the deformation of the base is smaller. But if the laser welding machine is not very good, then the substrate will be excessively damaged.
Of course, there are not only those things that need to be paid attention to during the welding process, but also many requirements that need to be considered before welding. For example, during the welding process, if the arc of the segment is not correct, it is necessary to grind the segment to keep the arc of the segment and the saw blade consistent. This leveling process is very important; it is also especially important in the process of selecting solder. For example, iron-based blades should be welded as much as possible, and if copper-based blades are welded, it is more common to choose silver-copper blades or silver soldering blades. Cobalt-based blades also need to choose more than 35 percent silver. In the process of selecting the welding segment, it also needs to be determined according to the actual situation. The split-tooth segment is more sharp than the continuous segment, but it is inferior in terms of cutting quality. It is recommended to use a semi-automatic welding machine for welding, using the welding sequence from left to right to ensure that the saw blade has a more stable cutting performance.