What are the characteristics of Linxing diamond segments

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Jiangxi Linxing Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of diamond segments. For many years, customers have spread all over the world. The products are used in more than 70 countries on five continents. With its unique quality and characteristics, Linxing segments are more and more favored by customers., so what features make Linxing diamond segments so quickly promoted? Mainly the main features of Linxing diamond segments:
 segment,granite segment
1: High cost performance, When customers buy products, they always like to compare prices. In fact, pure price comparison is meaningless in the diamond bit industry. Products with low prices are mostly products of poor quality. Either the diamond concentration is not enough or the tires The content of cobalt powder or rare metals in the body is too small, and the final result must be insufficient product performance. However, most of the segments produced by Linxing are of better quality than other companies at the same price point, especially in the sandstone cutting segments and marble cutting segments that the company has comparative advantages.

 2: Good sharpness, The quality of diamonds in high-sharpness segments is a very core parameter. Linxing diamond segments use Zhongnan Diamond’s high-quality synthetic diamond principle. With the continuous development of synthetic diamond technology, the sharpness of Linxing diamond segments is also increase with it; in recent years, Linxing has continuously invested in the research and development of new products. At present, the company has made a lot of achievements in the multi-layer composite sandwich segment, middle edge material technology, new carcass formula, etc., all of which guarantee the company The sharpness of the product is greatly guaranteed.

3: Good cutting effect, With a sharp segment, there is almost no chipping during the cutting process. In cutting the plate, the incision is narrow, the cut seam is even, and the plate surface is smooth, especially for the more expensive stone. Very good choice.
4: High wear resistance. At present, the company has developed a new type of product that has a good effect on cutting stone with extremely high hardness. This product can cut basalt, volcanic rock and super hard metal containing Mohs hardness of 7-8. The stone of the mine has good performance in cutting life and cutting effect.

6: The design of cooling and chip removal is reasonable. The non-working design of Linxing diamond segment quickly improves the cooling effect of the segment, and also makes the segment chip removal more convenient. The rational design allows the segment to exert the maximum cutting performance, also allows the segment to work more stably, and avoids secondary consumption.

Jiangxi Linxing diamond segments also have many characteristics, such as power saving, water saving, and long life. They are suitable for mining, block cutting and cutting, splitting cutting slab cutting and other cutting processes.